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if I were to grade my artistic skills, I would say amateur that's improving gradually. I specialize in traditional drawing on anime oc characters.

Nevertheless, I love~ to rp especially in romance, action, fantasy, slice of life, drama, adventure, medieval, and a bit of horror. I write only creative stories featuring my characters and others.
Hello everyone. i am looking for new people to write a 18+ mature rp story for vday like the title implies.  Just really bored at the moment. Though of course you the reader probably want to know a little about myself and the way I write.

About myself: 

Well i try to reply as much as i can on a day to day basis however i do work and have family plans that i must attend to. Usually i do sneak in a few replies while im at work especially on breaks and lunches. Sometimes i might not reply for a couple days especially on the weekends since i work 3rd shift but again i will try to reply. Lets see what else...oh! Though i do have the same problem where i might be a tad slow in replying if the rp doesn't interest me as much but i will give a heads up if im having a writers block. Though usually i am pretty quick at replying if the rp does interest me a lot. Though i do like to write a few suggestive ideas to get the story back on track or spice it up a little. 

What do i work with relating to Rp:

- I prefer writing in paragraph form in third person. Up to 3-5 sentences at least.Oh and you don't have to worry about grammar or spelling. everyone makes mistakes even I do as well as you see consistently throughout this message. lol.  One liners can be alright from time to time but please don't let it be constant especially when I give you a long paragraphs and or sentences that gives you an idea of what to write next. 

For example:

" can't do this to me. Let me out of here!" Amy shouts out desperately. 


'I wonder what arron is doing? I hope he's not dancing in front of the mirror with his underwear on his head and have that messy shaving cream beard again.' David thought as he opened his brother's door. Peering inside ever so slowly through the crevice until he pushed it all the way open with one shove his hand. His eyes filled with disgust as his brother turned around surprised in his silly attire. 

- i really dont like where you control my characters movements, speech, or thoughts. But i am okay with them hearing or seeing something you know to make a little things easier for the story to progress. Also I don't tolerate the fact if your character cannot be defeated due to invincibility. Everything has a weakness!

- As for my skills lie in the romance and smut. However, i like to play around with different genres. Like i add a little paranormal, supernatural, medieval, fantasy, musical, or even a little tragedy from time to time. Ok so now you know what i like to write with but you're probably are asking what pairings do i do? Well i prefer writing and working with straight pairings yet if the situation calls for other pairings...then please ask ahead of time. I can play either male or female. Also I only work with ocs so no fandoms. 

- Usually im alright with anything sexual but I dont feel comfortable around hardcore bdsm, vore, inflation, pregnancy sex, and some fetishes ... well those are the main ones but if something arises i will send a reply. What I can do is light bondage, spanking, play submissive or dominant, and I adore slow, passionate, caressing, love scenes. I personally like to write in detail during these types of scenes for I like you the reader to visualize the scene in your mind. Have you feel what the character is feeling. But of course, my main reason to do detail is to show that these characters we have decided upon are committing an act of trust and loving bond between one another. So i particularly would like the ages of 18 or older to do these types of scenes. And please, please, PLEASE do NOT lie about your age.

Where you can reach me:

-Usually in da notes and skype. If you want to try out skype please note me first so we can keep personal information private. And of course if you want to stick with da notes then that is fine too. 

I do believe that is everything.

P.S. Guys (male viewers) dont be afraid to ask to write with me. I would like to see what your thoughts and or perception on romance based rps is like. So please let me hear from ya.

Thanks again for taking your time understanding my rules and hearing me out. Can't wait to hear from you guys and gals.


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leathertachi Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017
i'll rp with you 
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Dreambard Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Hey there, I hope you are allright. I'm kind of worried because it has been quiet around you for some time now.
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Hello, how are you doing?

What happened to our RP?
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I am REALLY sorry to bother you, :iconke-chan12:, but it would mean a lot to me if you could please sign this dear petition I just found:…
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I hope you're doing alright over, Kelley. :)
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